Skip a day of shampooing


Long hair is not the proprietary domain of women these days. We are not talking about the 80’s head banger musician style of long straggly locks. You know, the kind that looks like shampoo ain’t gone near it for weeks on end. Nope, we are talking Brad Pitt ala Legends of the fall, Chris Hemsworth aka Thor… Ok, that was one fine hairpiece Chris wore but you get the picture.

If you are growing your hair out, that is the kind of hair you are aiming for. However, nothing kills your style more than greasy hair. And no, clean hair does not feminise your look in any way. If you still feel that way, time to drop the club and step out of that cave you are still in, and join the rest of civilisation.

One star product is the Style Extender by Living Proof. Yes, that Living Proof co-owned by THAT Jennifer Aniston, the artist also known as The Hair. Use it on towel dried hair after you have shampooed it. Then style as usual, and that look will last you a good 24 hours (for you super grease heads) to 48 hours. The trick is to use it on damp hair (80% dry) and not dripping wet hair. Go on, toss that hair, flex that arm, and do your best Thor impression now.