How to volumise and thicken hair?

The basic foundation to a good hairstyle is but of course the quality of your hair. A head of full, thick hair is a great building tool. Not well endowed in that department? Fret not for there are several easy ways in which you can volumise, and thicken your  hair. Here are a few of them that worked for me.

1. Get a good hair stylist

This may seem like a no-brainer but many men underestimate the importance of a good hair stylist. Unless you were born with thick, shampoo-ad-worthy hair, a $10 barber ain’t going to cut it. The most basic tool you need to create fuller, thicker looking hair is to get a good haircut and a good hair stylist will be able to give you that. Ask around for recommendations and look for walking billboards for hair stylists in the form of your friends or colleagues with a great hair cut. 

There are many easy tricks up a good hair stylist’s sleeves to create the illusion of fuller hair. An easy one is to do a blunt trim to the ends of your hair. This means the ends of your hair are cut straight across. Feathery ends are only recommended if you have thick hair that requires layering, also commonly referred to as “thinning”. 

2. Get the right styling products

The right products can do wonders. Depending on the thickness of your hair or “thin-ness” for that matter, the right styling product can give you that added “oomph”. Some which I have tried and worked well include:

Boots Beer and Egg Shampoo_hegrooms  

a. Boots Beer and Egg Shampoo

I recently stumbled upon this product during a vacation to Bangkok. Knowing that beer clarifies and adds shine to hair, plus egg being nourishing for hair, I decided to buy it and give it a try. For 100 baht, this product works like a miracle especially if you’re ‘blessed’ with fine, limp AND greasy hair like me. For those residing in Singapore, you can purchase it online at

Bumble and Bumble Hair Thickening Spray_hegrooms

b. Bumble and Bumble Hair Thickening Spray

Use this on damp hair, blow dry and say hello to instantly thicker looking hair. For added lift at the roots, gently pull your hair perpendicular to the roots and direct air there. Alternatively, blow dry in the opposite direction of hair growth.

KMS Hair Play Sea Salt Spray_hegrooms

c. KMS Hair Play Sea Salt Spray

As an added booster, I use this after the Bumble and Bumble Hair Thickening Spray. A little goes a long way. This gives your hair some “grip” at the roots.

Dry Shampoo_hegrooms

d. Dry Shampoo by Oscar Blandi

What’s worse than having fine, limp hair? Having an oily scalp as their bedfellow. An oily scalp causes hair to ‘stick’ together and the oil weighs hair down, causing a matted, flat look. While this product is meant to work as a dry shampoo, I find it does wonders as a styling product too. It ‘drinks up’ grease and helps control sebum production. This keeps your hair “standing” longer, which makes it look fuller and thicker. Apply the powder directly at your roots. Use sparingly. Remember to rub it in after that to get rid of excess powder. You don’t want to be accused of having chronic dandruff.

3. Get a hair dryer

If you already have fine, limp hair, letting it dry naturally on its own will have you end up with a very flat matted look. Invest in a good hair dryer with a cool air setting and always dry your hair in the opposite direction from which you’d normally style it. This creates more volume and lift at the roots. Wondering which model to go for? Just go for an affordable hair dryer. You don’t need the additional bells and whistles. Many hair dryers that tout 1001 special tricks are but just full of hot air – pun intended!

4. Get medical help

I am not recommending the costly measure of hair transplants but oral medication. Propecia has long been touted as one of the scientifically proven methods of treating hair loss and hair re-growth has also been reported in some cases. This pill is to be taken daily and effects last as long as the medication is continued. That said, this option doesn’t come cheap as a 3-month supply will set you back by about SGD300. For those of you who are interested, the good news is that the patent on this product has recently ended. This allows other manufacturers to produce it and a cheaper substitute is now available for almost half the price. Known simply as Finas 1, it is manufactured by Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd. from India and it contains the same active ingredient – Finasteride – as Propecia. See a local reputed dermatologist or general practitioner and get more information on this product. Go through all the purported side effects before you embark on this. For starters, a notorious side effect that affects some is impaired sexual performance. ‘Nuff said?